Victoria A. Redgrave
Managing Partner | Washington, D.C.
Having served as In-House Litigation Counsel, Outside Counsel, and General Counsel, Victoria Redgrave brings a unique combination of skills and perspective to her role as Managing Partner of Redgrave LLP. Victoria outlines the strategic direction of Redgrave LLP. She also oversees the Firm’s recruitment efforts and commitment to delivering excellence to all clients. Profile  
Michael serves as Chief Operating Officer at Redgrave LLP. In this role he is responsible for a wide range of operations, including business planning, accounting, staff management and strategic planning. With respect to client-facing work, Michael specializes in conducting physical and technical risk assessments which result in mitigation solutions that validate corporate compliance. He is skilled in all facets of enterprise security operations. Michael provides solutions for physical and network intrusion detection, data protection, surveillance, response, and remediation. Profile  
Information Technology Director | Northern Virginia
Mark has a diverse background in information technology, systems operations, and data security. Working with the Firm’s senior leadership, Mark identifies and implements solutions to improve productivity, overall IT service delivery, and client services. Mark also benchmarks industry best practices, facilitating more efficient and dynamic methods to improve business processes and productivity for the benefit of clients and the firm alike. Profile  
Christine E. Leonhardt-Kimm, CCP, CBP
Christine brings over 25 years of human resources and business experience to her role as Redgrave LLP’s Director of Human Resources. She has worked in a variety of industries including biomedical research, aerospace and defense, airline, and non-profit sectors. Profile  
Marketing Manager | Northern Virginia
Ann has a rich background as a client-focused, collaborative, and creative marketing and communications professional. Bringing over a decade of experience in strategic planning, business development enablement, and conference and tradeshow marketing to Redgrave LLP, Ann has a wide range of responsibilities. Profile