Scott Guthrie



Scott is an experienced eDiscovery attorney with a background in complex litigation and project management.  He focuses on providing end-to-end discovery services and solutions, including the collection, processing, and oversight of electronically stored information (“ESI”), as well as defining project scope and developing workflow protocols.  Scott is well-versed at utilizing eDiscovery tools and technology in his work, including technology assisted review (“TAR”) strategies for large volume ESI and the application of advanced analytics.  He also has a keen eye for implementing processes that enhance efficiencies resulting in cost savings for clients.

Some of Scott’s recent work experience includes:

  • Managing discovery attorney review teams and improving quality control and attorney-client privilege protection workflows
  • Training in-house and outside counsel on best practices for privilege identification and management
  • Providing matter-specific recommendations related to meet and confer topics and disclosure obligations
  • Developing defensible discovery plans
  • Creating and implementing production and privilege review quality control protocols
  • Advising on FRCP26(f) conferences, information governance, data preservation, spoliation, ethical obligations, and procedural compliance
  • Overseeing the selection of document review platforms, vendors, managed review teams, and implementation of eDiscovery software applications

Prior to joining Redgrave LLP, Scott was an eDiscovery Manager at Walmart Inc. and worked at various law firms in New York City.     


Scott is a member of the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists (ACEDS) and the eDiscovery Institute (EDI).


Scott received his J.D. from Mississippi College of Law and his B.B.A. from Mississippi State University.  He is admitted to practice in New York.  Scott’s District of Columbia application to practice is pending, and until approved, he is supervised by District of Columbia Firm Principals.