5 key differentiators at Redgrave LLP.


Talent: Redgrave LLP is highly selective in terms of hiring. We recruit premier information law talent in the country and employ attorneys and business and technical advisors with long and distinguished careers in legal, business, and technology fields focused on information- and discovery-related issues. 

Experience: Redgrave LLP helps both medium-sized and large global organizations proactively address eDiscovery and information governance questions as well as data protection and privacy issues. We help clients respond in routine as well as “bet the company” litigation and government investigations. Our experience with and knowledge of how other companies have addressed their information law issues will help you avoid pitfalls and continuous reinvention of the wheel. We deliver solutions that are innovative, defensible, and cost-effective.

Practicality: Redgrave LLP is committed to delivering excellence in a practical manner. Our founding partners felt traditional law firm models often resulted in far too many administrative and human resource costs being passed down to clients. They recognized that a "one size fits all" pricing model was not practical and therefore decided to work with clients in developing creative, mutually acceptable alternative fee arrangements. Additionally, they believed in delivering solutions that can evolve with an organization over time, that make sense to the people using them, and that are proportional to the issue at hand. 

Thought Leadership: Redgrave LLP professionals have played, and continue to play, a significant role in the development of thought leadership in the areas of eDiscovery, information governance, data privacy, and data security. We employ founding members of institutions like The Sedona Conference® Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production and the Georgetown University Law School eDiscovery Institute. Redgrave LLP attorneys and business and technical advisors speak regularly on information law issues and author work aimed at educating legal, judicial, and corporate audiences on ways to improve processes and enhance compliance opportunities. 

Focus: Redgrave LLP is one of the only firms in the world focused exclusively on addressing the complex legal challenges that arise at the intersection of the law and technology. Our legal and technical professionals focus squarely on the practice of information law, with their work centering solely on eDiscovery, information governance, data privacy, and data security matters.