Diana Fasching and Leslie Melo will lead an ACEDS Wisconsin Chapter webinar, "Returning to Business as Usual – What It Means for IG and Your E-Discovery Obligations," on Thursday, August 13, 2020, at 12:00 pm CT.  As the nation continues to struggle with our new COVID-19 realities, it is evident that what will come next is hugely uncertain.  “Normal” will likely look very different for the majority of the population, and this includes companies that are navigating if, when and how to address reopening offices and handle employees who are continuing to work remotely.  Not only did these businesses have to quickly adapt to a remote workforce, now there are multiple considerations for them to keep in mind as they develop more remote-work options and/or transition back to “business as usual.” Diana and Leslie will discuss the issues and risks related to document management, privacy & security, personal device usage, and preservation that will need to be reviewed and resolved in order for companies to honor their information governance and eDiscovery obligations.