The Legaltech News article, “Lack of Equity, Market Demands Stifling Big Law’s E-Discovery Careers,” highlights Christine Payne’s perspective on the flourishing opportunities for eDiscovery lawyers that don’t follow a traditional route.  Christine explains that, when hiring a Big Law firm, the client’s primary focus is the litigator, not the eDiscovery specialist, saying, “The decision for clients about who to hire is driven by who the big trial lawyer is, and that makes sense.  That’s a good model, and that won’t change, but what it means for e-discovery lawyers is they aren’t going to be on top of the food chain, especially at a large firm with a large corporate practice.” 

That said, there are opportunities for eDiscovery lawyers and their knowledge and skills in various job markets. “If you are someone that is really ambitious in e-discovery, you will have to look around and maybe a small regional firm is the way to go,” she explained.  Christine also noted specialized boutiques, like Redgrave LLP, are also an option.