Program Summary: The enormous growth in computing and storage power over the last 15 years has been matched by the simultaneous growth in the amount of information being stored. Much of this information has been stored indefinitely simply because few organizations have been able to cull and manage the information as it has been generated or received. Other organizations have simply inherited enormous amounts of data as a result of business acquisitions. In the past, many people have looked at the ever-decreasing costs of storage and concluded that it is simply cheaper to keep everything rather than sort through it. Unfortunately, this calculus is incomplete. This webinar will cover some of the demonstrable risks and costs associated with a "keep everything" mentality, along with processes and technology that can be leveraged in effective remediation projects. Panelists: Redgrave LLP Partner, Jonathan Redgrave; Karl Schieneman Moderator: Redgrave LLP Managing Partner, Victoria Redgrave Resources: Presentation Slides Dealing with Legacy Data - What to do about ESI Messes Today - ESI Bytes Will Judges Think It Is Okay To Use Clustering and Suggestive Coding Tools? - ESI Bytes Sedona Conference Document - Commentary on Inactive Information