Christine Payne will participate in this webinar on August 10, 2020, at 1:00 pm ET. "The COVID-19 Bankruptcy Boom: Preparing for Restructuring Discovery," will discuss how the staggering economic effects of COVID-19 have resulted in the need for U.S. bankruptcy courts to gear up for a wave of filings that will test the limits of the judicial system. Christine and other restructuring professionals will outline how law firm restructuring practices have already begun expanding, and third-party service providers are forming special teams to meet the nuanced needs of bankruptcy discovery. They will also address how timelines will be condensed, and that document volumes will be expansive, necessitating bankruptcy practitioners and in-house counsel to have their houses in order. 

Hosted by Legility, this webinar will brief attendees on how to prepare for restructuring from a data management perspective and provide real-world takeaways on:

  • The state of bankruptcy in the COVID era and beyond
  • How to prepare your data universe for a restructuring filing
  • The important roles bankruptcy counsel, eDiscovery counsel, and legal services providers play in restructuring matters, and how to leverage all three

To watch this webinar on-demand, please follow this link.