On October 12, 2023, Gareth Evans will moderate the panel discussion “Two’s Company, Three Can Be a Waiver: Preserving Privilege in an Increasingly Collaborative World” at the 13th Annual EDI Leadership Summit.  The pandemic accelerated the adoption and use of collaborative tools and platforms that allow for the real-time sharing of documents and information across teams and workflows.  While these tools can save time and resources, increase productivity, and improve communication, they can also create potential obstacles to establishing and maintaining attorney-client privilege and attorney work product.  Gareth’s session will explore the challenges that modern collaborative tools and platforms present to age-old questions of establishing and preserving privilege and discuss best practices for avoiding inadvertent waiver.  Panelists are David Moncure (VP/Associate General Counsel, Information Lifecycle Governance, DaVita), Brian Morrison (Discovery Counsel, Google), and Babette Orenstein (Associate Counsel, Legal Innovation & Operations, Consolidated Edison Company of New York).

Additional information on the EDI Leadership Summit is available here.