On February 24, 2021, Gareth T. Evans will participate in the Corporate Counsel Business Journal (“CCBJ”) CLE Webinar Panel, “AI and Privilege Review Today—and Tomorrow.”  Gareth, along with other experts in the field, will explore how users are applying artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning tools to expedite the privilege workflow and address the potential to streamline the privilege review process in the future.  Topics discussed will include:


  • AI tools that can be deployed in your eDiscovery tool to help automate parts of the privilege workflow
  • Abandoning the existing keyword paradigm in favor of classification engines that can be applied across assets, practice groups, firms, or lines of business
  • How to triage a privilege review to more readily assess accuracy
  • Challenges and barriers


  • How deep learning models can learn from human decisions already applied in various dimensions to accelerate the privilege workflow
  • Caveats and possibilities
  • Necessary steps to advance future progress

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