Victoria A. Redgrave
Chair, Executive Committee | Washington, D.C.
Victoria brings to the Firm a unique combination of skills and experience as in-house litigation counsel for two major corporations, outside counsel at an Am Law 100 firm, and as general counsel at a technology company. She is the Chair of the Executive Committee at Redgrave LLP. Profile
Jonathan M. Redgrave
Managing Partner | NORTHERN VIRGINIA
Jonathan has extensive experience in all areas of complex litigation in both state and federal courts and focuses his practice in the area of information law, including eDiscovery and information governance. He has authored, co-authored, and edited numerous publications and speaks around the world on topics including cross-border discovery, privacy, and emerging technologies. Profile
Mathea K.E. Bulander
PARTNER | Minneapolis
Mathea has a strong background in commercial, complex litigation. She counsels a diverse range of clients regarding discovery, motion practice, and information governance issues, including assisting clients in the evaluation of their records and information management systems, providing clients with litigation readiness advice, and directing and executing discovery strategy in multi-matter and multi-district litigation. Profile
Partner | Los Angeles
Gareth is one of the nation’s leading eDiscovery litigators and advisors. As a seasoned attorney, he has made hundreds of court appearances and taken and defended hundreds of depositions. Gareth enjoys being at the “tip of the spear” representing clients in contentious and high stakes disputes. He has represented clients in numerous industries including financial services, accounting, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, energy, gaming, manufacturing, and technology. Gareth is passionate about eDiscovery and information law, tenacious in the courtroom, and enjoys helping his clients identify and obtain the best outcomes inside and outside of the courthouse. Profile
Partner | Cleveland
Karin focuses her practice on a variety of global information law topics, including electronic discovery advocacy, information governance, and emerging issues relating to the proliferation of and possibilities with data products and processes. She draws on years of experience as a litigator both as outside and in-house counsel and puts her role as an advocate and skilled negotiator at the forefront of her practice. Profile
Clients retain Chris due to his demonstrated acumen in eDiscovery-related matters, his commitment to client services, and his distinguished record of delivering superior results. With a broad range of experience in matters involving both U.S. discovery and international cross-border data transfer issues, Chris’ areas of concentration include securities litigation, director and officer fiduciary and shareholder litigation, antitrust litigation, and consumer fraud. As a seasoned attorney, Chris has handled discovery strategy in complex litigation and briefed and argued electronic discovery motions in dozens of federal and state court cases. Profile
Dan is a seasoned trial attorney with extensive experience handling eDiscovery in matters ranging from single plaintiff cases to mass tort and class actions in state and federal courts across the United States. Dan’s extensive experience guiding matters from inception at the pleading stage, through all phases of discovery, motions practice, settlement negotiations and trial, provides him with a unique and practical understanding of how eDiscovery strategy impacts case outcomes and budgets. Profile
Partner | Austin and Chicago
Christine is a nationally-recognized advocate specializing in eDiscovery and litigation strategy. With deep experience in high-dollar, bet-the-company cases, Christine handles all aspects of case strategy and discovery for complex commercial litigation, restructuring-related litigation, products-liability litigation, antitrust matters, and ongoing or anticipated investigations. Profile
Partner | Washington, D.C.
David is widely recognized and respected in both the government and private sector as an authority on all things Information Law. Clients seek David’s expertise as they manage issues related to privacy, security, eDiscovery, cross-border data transfers, government civil law enforcement investigations, and information governance. With his outstanding record as a trial and appellate litigator and legal strategist, David is considered a thought leader in the broader legal community. Profile
Kevin F. Brady, OF Counsel | Washington, D.C.
OF Counsel | Washington, D.C.
Kevin has extensive experience representing clients in complex corporate, commercial, and products liability litigation in both federal and state courts. Kevin also focuses his practice on providing advice and counsel on electronic discovery, electronic information management, data privacy, and data security issues. Profile
Monica McCarroll, OF Counsel | Northern Virginia
OF Counsel | Northern Virginia
Monica has extensive experience working as a trial attorney specializing in complex civil litigation having tried cases in both federal and state courts. Monica now focuses her practice on providing advice and counsel on electronic discovery, information governance and cybersecurity issues. Profile
Nan R. Nolan
Of Counsel | CHICAGO
Nan is a former United States Magistrate Judge with extensive experience in a wide variety of complex litigation matters and is a nationally recognized authority in electronic discovery. During her 14 years as a Magistrate Judge, she presided over numerous complex federal cases at every phase of civil litigation. Profile
For much of the last 15 years, Chuck has focused his practice on the management of and governance for electronic information in complex business organizations, providing clients with proactive policy guidance, as well as responsive advice and counsel on discovery issues in litigation and investigations. Profile
Ted S. Hiser, Senior Counsel
For over thirty years, Ted has represented clients in the defense of multi-case product liability actions, other complex litigation, and investigations. During Ted’s tenure as an Associate and Counsel in the Cleveland office of the Jones Day law firm, his practice focused on the management of discovery matters, including electronic discovery, and attorney-client privilege and work product issues. Profile
Senior Counsel | San Francisco
France has significant experience managing all aspects of complex consumer class actions in state and federal courts. She has advised clients regarding eDiscovery issues, including custodian interviews, container profiles, and preservation and collection plans to comply with discovery obligations. France enjoys researching complicated legal issues and providing guidance to clients and briefs to courts. France also enjoys supporting and mentoring junior team members. Profile
Leveraging her strong commercial litigation background spanning a broad range of industries and matters, Tamara provides advice and counsel across all aspects of the Information Law spectrum, including electronic discovery, technology initiatives, and Information Governance. Profile
Lisa A. Lukaszewski
Lisa has over 18 years of experience providing advice to a diverse client base on information governance, eDiscovery, and data privacy issues in business and litigation environments. Whether working with heavily regulated Global Fortune 500 companies on high-stakes litigation or developing records retention policies for a start-up, Lisa tailors her advice to the needs of the client. Profile
Ambre N. McLaughlin
Counsel | WASHINGTON, D.C.
Ambre's practice focuses on transactional and litigation matters involving information technology, with a particular emphasis on cloud computing initiatives at the enterprise level, as well as discovery in complex litigation in federal and state courts. She understands how to balance a client’s business needs with its legal obligations to achieve positive results. Profile
Adam Nodzenski
Counsel | Chicago
Adam is a talented and respected eDiscovery attorney with more than 14 years of experience. Clients and colleagues value Adam’s technical expertise, efficiency, collaborative spirit and ability to explain complicated technical matters in plain language. Profile
Counsel | Chicago
Matt is a talented and respected eDiscovery and data privacy attorney with more than ten years of experience. Clients and colleagues value Matt’s technical expertise in a broad range of data privacy and protection issues including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and cross‐border data transfers across the globe. Profile
Counsel | Chicago
Nick skillfully guides clients through every stage of discovery, including negotiations with opposing parties and third parties. Clients appreciate Nick’s ability to efficiently manage each step of their complex discovery process, and trust his reasonable and practical approach to litigation. Profile
Ben Barnes
Attorney | Cleveland
Ben has a breadth of experience in eDiscovery and information law matters, including data mapping, preparing litigation-readiness plans, assisting with production and privilege log preparation, preparing motion papers, and preparing witnesses for depositions. Ben applies his problem-solving skills to consistently devise practical solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client in any given case or situation. Profile
Attorney | Washington, D.C.
Michael has vast experience in eDiscovery and information law and has represented clients in internal investigations, regulatory inquiries, and litigation. Michael has concentrated expertise in document review, privilege logs, and legal research. Clients describe Michael as efficient, hard-working, and consistently going “above and beyond” to meet client needs. Profile
Leslie A. Gutierrez
Attorney | Chicago
Leslie has a passion for eDiscovery and information law. Whether drafting ESI protocols, reviewing forensic analysis, interfacing with IT professionals, drafting search protocols, overseeing large document review projects, or working on a complex case, Leslie enjoys approaching any task creatively, through analysis and strategic problem-solving. Clients describe Leslie as attentive, reliable, and responsive, not just to the problem at hand, but to their overall needs and goals. Profile
Angela Hebberd
Attorney | Los Angeles
Angela has worked on a broad range of litigation matters, including representing individuals and corporations in complex business disputes, real estate and trade secrets litigation, product liability litigation, bankruptcy matters, and class action lawsuits in state and federal courts. In addition to handling eDiscovery issues, she advises clients regarding information governance and data privacy topics that are crucial to the success of any organization today. Profile
Sergio S. Herrera Attorney
Attorney | Washington, D.C.
Sergio is a litigation attorney with experience in areas including agency investigations, antitrust matters, shareholder derivative actions, and merger disputes. He has substantial experience in legal research and analysis, motion practice, deposition, data analysis and review (including privilege logs), and litigation strategy, with a focus on eDiscovery. Profile
James W. Hertsch III Attorney
Attorney | Washington, D.C.
James has extensive experience in discovery matters related to complex civil litigation. He has helped clients address discovery issues in a wide range of matters; including antitrust, contractual disputes, health care, and securities litigation. Profile
Monica F. Ledermann
Attorney | Washington, D.C.
Monica is a relationship-builder and prides herself on the rapport she maintains with clients. Monica’s clients know their challenges and opportunities are in good hands due to the excellent work product she delivers. Monica views matters through an international lens and has a global understanding of current and future best practices and trends in the law. As a result, she is consistently forward-looking, fostering innovation and development within the framework of information governance. Profile
Kaushik Rath Attorney
Attorney | Washington, D.C.
Kaushik is a litigation attorney with experience in discovery for clients in the global financial services, insurance, health care, and energy industries. His work has included handling various aspects of discovery for multinational corporations and key individuals involved in responding to government inquiries and investigations initiated by various federal agencies. Profile
Kevin A. Reiss Attorney
Attorney | Washington, D.C.
Kevin’s work focuses on discovery matters related to government investigations and state and federal civil and criminal litigation. His experiences include all aspects of eDiscovery (from preservation through production, including extensive experience with privilege logs), fact development, and witness and trial preparation for clients. Profile
Alexandra L. Rhee
Alexandra (“Alex”) has a varied background in commercial and business litigation representing clients in both state and federal matters. Alex also has served as a Law Clerk to the Honorable David J. Novak, United States Magistrate Judge in the Eastern District of Virginia and a Law Clerk to the Henrico Circuit Court, the 14th Judicial Circuit of Virginia. Profile