Redgrave was founded on five core values. EXCELLENCE is recognizing that quality is a responsibility and an expectation. SUSTAINABILITY is achieved through work-life balance. PERSPECTIVE IN ALL THINGS. Building an inclusive culture that promotes RESPECT & COLLEGIALITY. Operating with INTEGRITY and uncompromising moral standards.

Who we are.

Redgrave LLP focuses exclusively on addressing complex legal challenges that arise at the intersection of the law and technology, including eDiscovery, information governance, data privacy, and data security. We recruit premier information law talent and employ attorneys and business and technical advisors with experience in litigation, technology, and business. We strive to provide clients with practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions and serve Global and Fortune 500 companies across a diverse array of industries.

What you'll do.

Redgrave is comprised of people who left esteemed careers at large law and consulting firms to follow a passion; we all enjoy solving complex problems that emerge at the intersection of the law and technology. Some members of our professional team have specific skill sets, in areas such as forensics and data privacy. Others have extensive litigation backgrounds that evolved into a specialized focus in discovery and information governance. Should you join our team, you will help to address new legal challenges that emerge alongside technical innovation. You will serve Fortune 500, Fortune 200, and Fortune 50 companies. You will contribute to thought leadership that is defining new and better standards and pushing the law forward in a reasoned and just way. And you will do all of this in an environment that promotes a strong work-life balance, self-discovery, and teamwork.

What We Are Currently Looking For

To apply for a current Redgrave LLP opportunity, applicants must submit a cover letter, resume, and, if applicable, a law school transcript.  Applicants may submit documents via our online self-apply system or by email at Duplicate applications to the individual attorney recruiting contacts via email or hard copy are discouraged.

In addition to excellent academic credentials, all candidates should possess strong analytical, writing, and verbal skills.  

Redgrave is an equal opportunity employer.

Redgrave LLP is currently hiring for the following positions:

Attorneys will provide clients with practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions in the eDiscovery, information governance, and data privacy services markets.  Read the full job description here.  

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