Laurie Carpenter



Laurie is a skilled information governance professional with extensive experience developing enterprise-wide records and information management and information governance compliance policies, standards, and procedures.  Her work focuses on implementing and leading programs that drive change and efficiency surrounding information law issues, including data lifecycle management, data loss prevention, data privacy, retention schedules, sensitive information protection, and eDiscovery.  Laurie leverages her collaboration and communication skills to work with stakeholders to identify business needs, user requirements, compliant solutions, and strategies to remove roadblocks to ensure information governance approaches meet organizational needs and goals.  As a Director at the Firm, Laurie advises on the technical aspects of engagements and supports client teams in designing and implementing tailored data management solutions to address each client’s unique information law needs.  

Some of Laurie’s recent work experience includes:

  • Implementing solutions in data lifecycle management, information protection, data loss prevention, data privacy and minimization, data governance, information security, and legal hold processes
  • Assessing and recommending approaches to solve data governance concerns, including eDiscovery, personal data minimization, data lifecycle management, access and insider threats, system decommissioning, legacy data remediation, records and information management, and data ownership
  • Collaborating with clients to elicit and validate program/system requirements, including privacy, litigation, compliance, risk management, and audit to conform to regulations and industry standards
  • Creating and implementing a Global Records Retention Schedule to encompass numerous countries, regional entities, and maritime law
  • Managing offsite storage and legacy data remediation strategies
  • Developing and instituting compliance training programs

Prior to joining Redgrave LLP, Laurie was Director, Records & Information Management at The Walt Disney Company.  Her work experience also includes records management roles at Koch Industries and ICOS Corporation.


Laurie’s certifications include Certified Records Manager (CRM) and Information Governance Professional (IGP).  She is the Education Director, Newsletter Editor, and Director at Large for Greater Los Angeles ARMA (2014-present) and volunteers as the Head Mentor of the Young Storytellers program in her local elementary school system.


Laurie received her M.A. and B.A. degrees in Geography from the University of Washington.