Legaltech News has published an article by David Shonka on the critical issues of securing data and documents as an unprecedented number of employees are working outside of their normal offices. This new dynamic makes the typical challenges of data privacy and security even more challenging. As employers move to accommodate remote work, they must also protect their data from theft or loss. They must also remember that regulators are watching, and privacy class actions could be looming.

"Pandemics, Privacy, and Confidential Data Security: Managing Information Risk is Critical" discusses how, in this difficult environment, employers must take reasonable and necessary steps to ensure that company information accessed remotely is properly managed and remains secure. Normally, human error is the trigger that leads to many—if not most—data losses. Add the fact that many employees no longer have a physical office and are exceptionally anxious; it’s a perfect environment for criminals, State actors, industrial spies, and bored hackers to apply their arsenal of trickery.

David Shonka is a partner at Redgrave LLP and focuses his practice on issues related to privacy, security, eDiscovery, cross-border data transfers, government civil law enforcement investigations, and information governance.  He can be reached at  The views expressed in this article are his and not necessarily those of the Firm or its clients.