Former United States Magistrate Judge Nan R. Nolan (ret.) of the Northern District of Illinois and now Of Counsel at Redgrave LLP was joined by Kevin Brady also Of Counsel at Redgrave LLP on the “Technology 2017 including a Case Study on “Possession, Custody or Control” panel at the Third Annual Innovation in E-Discovery Conference in Chicago on November 29, 2016.  The panel discussed how the proliferation of technologies, such as social media sites and apps, mobile devices and the Internet of Things, which are generating tremendous amounts of digital information, will impact litigation in the coming years.  The panel also discussed the evolving role of technology assisted review and machine learning as well as practical and ethical approached for handling problems with privilege review and privilege logs going forward.  Judge Nolan also  participated in a discussion about how the explosion of data from these different technologies has created complex legal issues as to who actually has possession, custody or control of the data and how that issue can increase the complexity and cost of eDiscovery. (EVENT | November 29, 2016)