Redgrave LLP, the national law firm focused on addressing complex legal challenges that arise at the intersection of the law and technology, has formed one of the only Restructuring Discovery teams in the country.  In this space, Redgrave works closely with law firms and turnaround advisors on all types of restructurings, acting as subject-matter professionals in the areas of discovery and information governance. 

The Redgrave team handles all aspects of restructuring discovery, both pre-petition and after a bankruptcy has been filed, and advises both debtors and creditors, as well as consultants and judicial groups.  As discovery counsel, Redgrave works hand-in-hand alongside merits counsel, handling all of the data identification, preservation, collection, review, and production efforts. Discovery in and around restructurings also requires complex privilege analyses.  Redgrave attorneys have unique knowledge in the area of attorney-client and other privileges and protections for which clients have relied on for years. 

“We are proud to be the nation’s leading eDiscovery law firm, and we are very excited to formalize our experience in restructuring discovery,” said partner Christine Payne, head of the Firm’s restructuring team.  “Many people do not realize how different discovery can be in the restructuring and bankruptcy contexts, as opposed to typical civil litigation.  There is significant client need in this area, and we want to support that,” she added. 

Discovery counsel in restructuring matters sits in between the client, merits counsel, and the eDiscovery vendor to develop an overall discovery strategy and provide legal advice during the process.  The Redgrave team focuses on key areas, including preservation strategies, document and data collection, negotiation of discovery issues, compliance with applicable privacy laws, appropriate and e-active privilege determinations, education for judges and special masters on complex discovery issues, and special master and expert services for appropriate cases.

“Formalizing and growing this restructuring discovery team was one of the primary reasons I came to Redgrave,” said Payne.  “The Firm has such a talented roster and a deep bench of folks around the country with a very unique combination of top eDiscovery skills and restructuring knowledge.”  Payne joined Redgrave in 2019 from Kirkland & Ellis LLP, where she co-chaired the Firmwide Electronic Discovery Committee and handled discovery for some of the largest bankruptcies in the country.  “I am proud to be a part of this team, and to offer clients the highest-level of service during their restructurings.”