David Shonka served as a Drafting Team Leader on this publication project spearheaded by the Sedona Conference Working Group on International Electronic Information Management, Discovery, and Disclosure (WG6).  The two-year-long process to develop the Commentary and Principles on Jurisdictional Conflicts over Transfers of Personal Data Across Borders ("Commentary"), focused on creating a guide to help businesses as they attempt to navigate a bewildering maze of conflicting and confusing data protection and privacy laws.

The goal of this Commentary is to:

  1. Provide a practical guide to corporations and others who must make day-to-day operational decisions regarding the transfer of data across borders;
  2. Provide a framework for the analysis of questions regarding the laws applicable to cross-border transfers of personal data; and
  3. Encourage governments to harmonize their domestic laws to facilitate global commerce.

Download the full Commentary here