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A Non-Responsive Bell Can Be Hard to Un-Ring

Redgrave Issue Analysis , June 2024 | Elizabeth E. Cherkis | William J. Minshall Jr.

The demands of premerger notifications — 2024

Westlaw Today, April 2024 | David C. Shonka

Emerging Cyber and Data Security Regulations Warn: Assessments Matter!

The Legal Intelligencer, March 2024 | Judy K. Branham | Laurie Carpenter

Drafting a Document Retention Policy

Thomson Reuters Practical Law, October 2023 | Amanda M. Moeller | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Jordan Blumenthal Discusses AI in eDiscovery with Financier Worldwide

Financier Worldwide, August 2023 | Jordan C. Blumenthal

Steps To Take On AI Operations Amid FTC's ChatGPT Probe

Law360, August 2023 | Benjamin M. Redgrave | David C. Shonka

The Sedona Conference Publishes Second Edition of TAR Case Law Primer

The Sedona Conference, May 2023 | Gareth T. Evans

Prepare For Federal Agency Scrutiny On AI Discrimination

Law360, May 2023 | Nick B. Snavely

Proof of Burden: Defensibility Data in Proportionality Disputes and Discovery Generally

The Legal Intelligencer, March 2023 | Jordan C. Blumenthal | Matt L. Rotert | Sarah E. Mahoney

Microsoft and Snap Incorporate ChatGPT into New Products

Redgrave Client Alert, March 2023 | Christopher Q. King | Kevin A. Reiss

Privilege Logs: Mitigating the Burden of Privilege Logging While Improving Usefulness

Washington Legal Foundation, March 2023 | Gareth T. Evans | Ted S. Hiser

It’s 10 p.m. Do You Know How Secure Your Data Is?

Redgrave Client Alert, March 2023 | Martin T. Tully

Yes, You Are My Data's Keeper

Cybersecurity Law & Strategy, March 2023 | Joshua M. Hummel

Supreme Court Declines to Consider Privilege Standard

Redgrave Client Alert, February 2023 | Ana M. Cabassa-Torres | Gareth T. Evans

ChatGPT for Business Use: Information Governance Considerations

Redgrave Client Alert, February 2023 | Amanda M. Moeller | Christopher Q. King | Staci D. Kaliner

Supremes Bury Privilege Case After Oral Argument

Legaltech News, February 2023 | Ana M. Cabassa-Torres | Gareth T. Evans

Act Now or Pay Later: The Case for Defensible Disposition of Data

Thomson Reuters Practical Law, February 2023 | Benjamin M. Redgrave | Diana M. Fasching | Monica McCarroll

Texas Supreme Court Rejects Overbroad Discovery of Cell Phone Data

Legaltech News, January 2023 | Gareth T. Evans

Consumer Privacy Laws Taking Effect in 2023

Redgrave Client Alert, January 2023 | Martin T. Tully | Stacy L. Forsythe

NY DFS Ends the Year With Major Settlements Over Cybersecurity Violations

Redgrave Client Alert, January 2023 | Britney A. Lewis

Data Minimization Meets Defensible Disposition: Just Say No to ROT and Over-Retention of Personal Information

Cybersecurity Law & Strategy, December 2022 | Martin T. Tully | Nick B. Snavely

E-discovery Trends in 2022

Westlaw Today, December 2022 | Gareth T. Evans

The Devil Is In The Details - Part III: Exemptions Within U.S. State Data Privacy Laws

Redgrave Client Alert, November 2022 | Stacy L. Forsythe

E-Discovery in Trade Secret and Restrictive Covenant Litigation Involving Former Employees

Thomson Reuters Practical Law, October 2022 | Joshua M. Hummel

CFPB To Financial Companies: Beef-Up Data Protection Measures Or Face Regulators’ Wrath

Redgrave Client Alert, October 2022 | Ana M. Cabassa-Torres

California Doubles Down on Deterring Deceptive Dark Patterns

Redgrave Client Alert, October 2022 | William J. Minshall Jr.

White House Adds its Voice to Growing Consensus on AI Ethical Requirements

Redgrave Client Alert, October 2022 | Martin T. Tully

Supreme Court To Resolve Circuit Split Regarding Attorney-Client Privilege

Legaltech News, October 2022 | Gareth T. Evans | Ted S. Hiser

Data Minimization and Avoiding the Over-Retention of Personal Information

Practical Law Litigation, October 2022 | Martin T. Tully | Nick B. Snavely

Nobody's Perfect, But Quality Assurance Helps Make eDiscovery Defensible

Westlaw Today, September 2022 | Amanda E. Mitchell | Gareth T. Evans

Modern Attachments: Pointers Are Not the Problem When It Comes to Preservation

Legaltech News, September 2022 | Monica McCarroll | Staci D. Kaliner

Learning from Trump and Bannon Discovery Strategies

Law360, September 2022 | Monica McCarroll

Supreme Court Nixes Use Of 28 U.S.C. § 1782 As A Discovery Vehicle In Private International Commercial Arbitrations

Redgrave Client Alert, August 2022 | Ana M. Cabassa-Torres | Matt L. Rotert

Preserving and Collecting Mobile Device Data

Westlaw Today, July 2022 | Gareth T. Evans | Nick B. Snavely

Judge Upgrades Data Breach Claims Against Marriott Based on Overpayment Theory

The Legal Intelligencer, July 2022 | Nick B. Snavely

Regulators Mean Business for Mobile Devices and Chat Applications: Good Information Governance is Not a Luxury

Redgrave Client Alert, July 2022 | Britney A. Lewis | Jordan C. Blumenthal

Supreme Court Has Opportunity To Resolve Circuit Split And Provide Better Guidance Regarding The Attorney-Client Privilege

Redgrave Client Alert, June 2022 | Gareth T. Evans | Nick B. Snavely | Ted S. Hiser

Will the New Metaverse Standards Forum Harmonize the Metaverse?

Redgrave Client Alert, June 2022 | Staci D. Kaliner

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CBPR Goes Global: What You Need to Know

Redgrave Client Alert, May 2022 | William J. Minshall Jr.

Legal Hold Basics: Identifying Relevant Information

Redgrave White Papers, May 2022 | Ana M. Cabassa-Torres

A Reminder On Retaining Records Of Staff's Communications

Law360, March 2022 | Jordan C. Blumenthal

What You Need to Know About Utah’s Privacy Bill

Redgrave Client Alert, March 2022 | 

Now Playing: The Palmistry of Biometric Data Privacy Law

Redgrave Client Alert, March 2022 | Martin T. Tully

When to Take a Deeper Dive: Requests for Forensic Examinations in E-Discovery

The Legal Intelligencer, February 2022 | Benjamin M. Redgrave | Nick B. Snavely

Discovery of Electronically Stored Information (Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Fifth Edition)

Thomson Reuters and the American Bar Association Section of Litigation, January 2022 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Litigation, Technology, and Ethics: The Importance of Technological Competence

Thompson Reuters Practical Law, January 2022 | Benjamin M. Redgrave | Erica B. Zolner

FTC Rolls Out Changes to Merger and Acquisition Second Request

Redgrave Client Alert, November 2021 | David C. Shonka | William J. Minshall Jr.

The New Standard Contractual Clauses Are Here: What You Need To Know

Redgrave Client Alert, July 2021 | David C. Shonka | Matt L. Rotert

Learning to Cooperate

Thomson Reuters Practical Law, July 2021 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Jordan C. Blumenthal

A Tale of Two Cases: TAR Trouble Arises from ESI Protocol

Legaltech News, January 2021 | Gareth T. Evans

Avoiding 6 Common E-Discovery Production Pitfalls

Law360, November 2020 | Sarah E. Mahoney

Driving The Future of Digitized Law Through eDiscovery and Information Governance

California Business Journal, September 2020 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

The Keys To A Better Privilege Logging Paradigm

Law360, September 2020 | Ted S. Hiser

Cybersecurity and Due Diligence: Avoiding Liability for Someone Else’s Mistakes

The Legal Intelligencer, July 2020 | David C. Shonka | Matt L. Rotert

Making Remote Work, Work

Legal Management - The Magazine of ALA, June 2020 | Victoria A. Redgrave

Restructuring Planning: Information Governance - Top Ten List

Redgrave Client Alert, May 2020 | Christopher Q. King

6th Circuit Opioid Opinion On Federal Rules Helps Companies In MDLs

Law360, May 2020 | Gareth T. Evans | Nick B. Snavely

Privacy Issues in Restructuring

Redgrave Client Alert, May 2020 | David C. Shonka | Matt L. Rotert

INSIGHT: Special Masters Can Help Tame Court Backlogs After Covid-19

Bloomberg Law, April 2020 | Christopher Q. King | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Nan R. Nolan

Privilege Issues in Restructuring

Redgrave Client Alert, April 2020 | Nick B. Snavely


Redgrave Client Alert, March 2020 | Diana M. Fasching

Emoji: Their Role in Discovery and Trial

The Federal Lawyer, December 2019 | Sarah E. Mahoney

A Line in the Clouds: Whose Cybersecurity Goes Where?

New York Law Journal, June 2019 | 

Drafting a Document Retention Policy

Drafting a Document Retention Policy, April 2019 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Victoria A. Redgrave

Admissibility of Electronic Evidence Chart

Admissibility of Electronic Evidence Chart, April 2018 | 

Technology in the Practice of Law

The Bencher, April 2018 | 

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts: 4th Edition 2016

Westchester Lawyer, December 2017 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Unfinished Business: A Wish List For New FRCP Amendments

Legaltech News (ALM), December 2017 | Gareth T. Evans

Wrapping Up 2016: Major Trends New Rules and Emerging Caselaw

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, January 2017 | Gareth T. Evans

Leading the Culture Change on Discovery Practice

Bloomberg/BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, December 2016 | 
Leading the Culture Change on Discovery Practice  Article

Legal Malpractice and eDiscovery: Understanding the Unique Challenges and Managing the Increasing Risk

ABA/BNA Lawyers Manual on Professional Conduct, August 2016 | 
Legal Malpractice and eDiscovery: Understanding the Unique Challenges and Managing the Increasing Risk  Article


Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, May 2016 | 

Making the Business Case for Defensible Disposition

ABA Information Law Journal, May 2016 | Diana M. Fasching





How to Use Analytics and Predictive Coding as Securities Litigators

American Bar Association/Securities Litigation, January 2016 | Gareth T. Evans

Federal Discovery Rules: What’s Changing and How Litigants Can Take Advantage Right Away

Washington Legal Foundation, Legal Backgrounder, Vol. 30, No. 29, November 2015 | 

Practical Considerations in Using Predictive Coding

New York Law Journal (ALM), October 2015 | Gareth T. Evans


THE FEDERAL COURTS LAW REVIEW, VOL.9, ISSUE 2, October 2015 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

The Growing and Valuable role of eDiscovery Special Masters in Civil Litigation

Bloomerg BNA - Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, August 2015 | 

eDiscovery Vendor Developments: A Tale of Two Cities

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, August 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

The Coming Storm: Companies Must Be Prepared to Deal with Text Messages on Mobile Devices

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, June 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

Act Now or Pay Later: The Case for Defensible Disposition of Data

PRACTICAL LAW THE JOURNAL E-DISCOVERY BULLETIN, April 2015 | Diana M. Fasching | Monica McCarroll

Technological Incompetence Doesn't Excuse Discovery Failures

Delaware Business Court Insider (ALM), March 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

Keeping the Genie Contained: Eight Tips to Avoid Spoliation in Electronic Discovery

The Computer & Internet Lawyer, March 2015 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Keeping the Genie Contained. Tips to Avoid Spoliation in Electronic Discovery

Bench & Bar of Minnesota, October 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Tools Let Attorneys Follow the Breadcrumbs

National Law Journal (ALM), September 2014 | Gareth T. Evans

Litigation, Technology & Ethics: Changing Expectations

PRACTICAL LAW THE JOURNAL E-DISCOVERY BULLETIN, July 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Victoria A. Redgrave
An article exploring recent guidance and emerging best practices regarding counsel's growing obligation to be technologically proficient.  Article

Using Corporate Know—How To Unfreeze Legacy Data

DRI: E-Discovery Connection, May 2014 | Diana M. Fasching | Staci D. Kaliner

Technology: To image, or not to image, that is the question

InsideCounsel, January 2014 | Gareth T. Evans

Technology: Self-collection is not always the fox guarding the henhouse

InsideCounsel, December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Technology: Auto-delete and the not-so-safe harbor

InsideCounsel, December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Perils of E-Discovery Reflected in Sanctions Opinion

Law Technology News (ALM), December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Chancery Provides Framework for ESI Discovery, Preservation

Delaware Business Court Insider (ALM), December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Technology: Is Instant Messaging the Next Email?

InsideCounsel, November 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Learning to Cooperate

As recent developments in case law and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have shown, counsel can better serve their clients by adopting a cooperative and engaged approach to the discovery process. Counsel must learn how to be masters of dialogue and not just debate.  Article

Technology: Embracing the use of mobile devices in e-discovery

InsideCounsel, November 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Rule Committee Adopts 'Package' of Discovery Amendments

Bloomberg BNA - Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, June 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
By Thomas Allman  Article

Part 1 - Report of the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules

Memorandum: Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, June 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
By Honorable David G. Campbell, Chair  Article

Part 2 - Report of the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules

By Honorable David G. Campbell, Chair   Article

Your Social Media Can Now Go Away When You Do

The Buzz, April 2013 | Diana M. Fasching

Why Consider Hiring National Discovery Counsel In The Era Of Electronic Discovery

Redgrave LLP, January 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
This publication is an information source for clients and friends of Redgrave LLP.  Article

Discover Social Media: It Has Email, Too

The Buzz, October 2012 | Victoria A. Redgrave

Social Media Data Preservation

LJN’s LegalTech Newsletter, Volume 29, Number 3, July 2012 | Diana M. Fasching | Staci D. Kaliner

Using Contract Terms To Get Ahead Of Prospective eDiscovery Costs And Burdens In Commercial Litigation

Richmond Journal of Law & Technology Volume XVIII, Issue 4, June 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Also by Jay Brudz  Article

James Sherer Featured In Legaco Express Interview Series

The Buzz, April 2012 | 
by Legaco Express  Article

Zubulake Framework Adopted In GreenPoint Case

The Buzz, March 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

A Summary Of Social Media Case Alerts

The Buzz, February 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Enjoy The Cloud And Mitigate The Risks

The Buzz, February 2012 | Diana M. Fasching
also by Ken Prine  Article

Judge Affirms Pippins v. KPMG Preservation Scope, Encourages Transparency

The Buzz, February 2012 | Victoria A. Redgrave
by Shea McKenna  Article

Supreme Court Divided On Fundamental Privacy Rights In The Information Age

The Buzz, January 2012 | Victoria A. Redgrave
by Shea McKenna  Article

Federal Government Unveils New Security Standards For Cloud-Based Service Providers

The Buzz, January 2012 | Victoria A. Redgrave
by Shea McKenna  Article

Litigation Management: Global Discovery — What U.S. Companies Need To Know

Bloomberg Law Reports, December 2011 | 
Also by Kenneth Prine  Article

Facebook Changes Open Up New World Of Discovery (Quote By Jonathan Redgrave)

Law 360, November 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
By Greg Ryan  Article

Managing The Emerging Business And Legal Realities Of Social Media In Corporate America

ACC Docket, November 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Also by Vincent Catanzaro  Article

Objection! Lawsuit Slams Temp Lawyers (Quote by Jonathan Redgrave)

The Wall Street Journal, August 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
By Vanessa O'Connell  Article

Pension Committee Revisited: One Year Later - A Retrospective On The Impact Of Judge Scheindlin's Influential Opinion

Legal Hold Pro, February 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Edited by Brad Harris & Ronald Hedges  Article

Seeing In The Clouds: Understanding Why You Need To Know Where Your Data Lives

Bloomberg Law Reports, September 2010 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

E-Discovery Principles Revisited

Los Angeles Daily Journal, January 2010 | Gareth T. Evans

Court Holds U.S. Discovery Rules Trump French Law and Hague Convention

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, December 2009 | Gareth T. Evans

Federal Rule of Evidence 502: Getting to Know an Important E-Discovery Tool

Orange County Lawyer, November 2009 | Gareth T. Evans

Presentations : view all

Martin Tully Moderates Sedona Conference Virtual Town Hall on Generative AI and eDiscovery

The Sedona Conference Virtual Town Hall, December 2023 | Martin T. Tully

Laurie Carpenter Presents to the Northeast Ohio Chapter of ARMA

Northeast Ohio Chapter of ARMA, December 2023 | Laurie Carpenter

Matthew Cowherd Discusses the Impacts of Remote Work on Discovery Practice

ACEDS | New York Metro Chapter, November 2023 | Matthew K. Cowherd

Erica Zolner Discusses Data Minimization at TechGC Chicago Fireside Dinner

TechGC Chicago Fireside Dinner, November 2023 | Erica B. Zolner

Martin Tully Discusses Consumer Privacy Regulations at BIPA Anniversary Event

BIPA Anniversary Seminar, October 2023 | Martin T. Tully

Martin Tully and Laurie Carpenter Speak at ARMA InfoCon 2023

ARMA InfoCon 2023, October 2023 | Laurie Carpenter | Martin T. Tully

Chris King Speaks at ABA 27th Annual National Institute on Class Actions

ABA National Institute on Class Actions, October 2023 | Christopher Q. King

Gareth Evans and Martin Tully Speak at The Sedona Conference WG1 Annual Meeting

The Sedona Conference , October 2023 | Gareth T. Evans | Martin T. Tully

Erica Zolner Presents at the DRI Annual Conference Showcase Theater

DRI Annual Conference, October 2023 | Erica B. Zolner

Jonathan Redgrave Moderates Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute Pre-Conference Webinar

Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute, October 2023 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Martin Tully Discusses Generative AI At Nextpoint’s Annual User Conference

On Point 2023 | Nextpoint's Annual User Conference, September 2023 | Martin T. Tully

Eliza Davis Speaks on IAPP Women in Privacy Panel

IAPP KnowledgeNet, September 2023 | 

David Shonka Discusses the FTC Administrative Enforcement Process

The Beverly Hills Bar Association, July 2023 | David C. Shonka

David Shonka Speaks at ABA Cross-Border Institute 2023

ABA Cross-Border Institute 2023, July 2023 | David C. Shonka

Staci Kaliner Speaks at the 2023 TechGC Fullstack GC Conference

TechGC Fullstack GC Conference, May 2023 | Staci D. Kaliner

Eliza Davis, David Shonka, and Martin Tully Speak at the 2023 MER Conference

MER Conference 2023, May 2023 | David C. Shonka | Martin T. Tully

Josh Hummel Discusses Strategies for Non-Compete and Trade Secret Matters

TransPerfect Legal Solutions Webinar, April 2023 | Joshua M. Hummel

David Shonka Speaks at The Sedona Conference Institute on Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Litigation

The Sedona Conference Institute, April 2023 | David C. Shonka

Diana Fasching and Chris King Discuss Defensible Disposition at the ARMA Houston 2023 Annual Spring Conference

ARMA Houston 2023 Annual Spring Conference, April 2023 | Christopher Q. King | Diana M. Fasching

Jonathan Redgrave Discusses the Use of Artificial Intelligence in eDiscovery

Lexeprint Webinar, April 2023 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Eliza Davis Speaks at The Master’s Conference Chicago

The Master's Conference, April 2023 | 

Gareth Evans Discusses Complex Privilege Issues at ABA National Institute on E-Discovery

ABA National Institute on E-Discovery, April 2023 | Gareth T. Evans

Gareth Evans Discusses The Sedona Conference TAR Case Law Primer, Second Edition

The Sedona Conference, March 2023 | Gareth T. Evans

Eliza Davis and Josh Hummel Discuss "Best Practices for Slack/Teams from IG Through Litigation"

Joint Redgrave LLP & Hanzo Webinar, February 2023 | Joshua M. Hummel

Jonathan Redgrave Speaks at The Osgoode Certificate in E-Discovery, Information Governance and Privacy Program

The Osgoode Certificate of E-Discovery, Information Governance and Privacy Program, February 2023 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Anne Kunkel Speaks at Thomson Reuters’ 30th Annual Marketing Partner Forum

Thomson Reuters 30th Annual Marketing Partner Forum, January 2023 | Anne K. Kunkel

David Shonka Speaks at The Sedona Conference WG6 Annual Meeting

The Sedona Conference, January 2023 | David C. Shonka

Erica Zolner and Josh Thomas Discuss Hidden Data Pitfalls at the Association for Legal Administrators 2022 Virtual Conference

Association of Legal Administrators, November 2022 | Erica B. Zolner | Josh Thomas

Mathea Bulander Speaks at the 2022 Tech Law Institute

Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, October 2022 | 

David Shonka Speaks at AdExchanger’s Programmatic IO Conference

AdExchanger's Programmatic IO Conference, October 2022 | David C. Shonka

Martin Tully Speaks at ASU-Arkfeld eDiscovery, Law, and Technology Conference

ASU-Arkfeld eDiscovery, Law, and Technology Conference, October 2022 | Martin T. Tully

Eliza Davis Speaks at the Law Firm General Counsel Roundtable

Law Firm General Counsel Rountable, October 2022 | 

David Shonka Discusses Federal Data Protection and Privacy Regulations at ARMA Seminar

ARMA International, September 2022 | David C. Shonka

David Shonka Speaks at the ABA Cross-Border Institute 2022

ABA Cross-Border Institute, July 2022 | David C. Shonka

Martin Tully Speaks at the National eDiscovery Leadership Institute

National eDiscovery Institute, June 2022 | Martin T. Tully

Chris King Speaks at the Sedona Conference Institute: Pre-Trial Practice in a Post-Pandemic World

The Sedona Conference Institute, May 2022 | Christopher Q. King

Tim Hood and Martin Tully Speak at MER Conference

MER Conference 2022, May 2022 | Martin T. Tully | Timothy H. Hood

Martin Tully Speaks at ABA 16th Annual National Institute on E-Discovery

ABA National Institute on E-Discovery, May 2022 | Martin T. Tully

Staci Kaliner Speaks at Women in eDiscovery 2022 Conference

Women in eDiscovery, May 2022 | Staci D. Kaliner

Martin Tully Speaks on the Topic “Avoid Getting Soaked by eDiscovery Costs”

X1 and Insight Optix, May 2022 | Martin T. Tully

David Shonka Speaks at The Sedona Conference WG11 Annual Meeting

The Sedona Conference, April 2022 | David C. Shonka

Christopher King Speaks at the ABA 25th Annual National Institute on Class Actions 2022

ABA National Institute on Class Actions, April 2022 | Christopher Q. King

Martin Tully Participates In Legalweek 2022 Panel Discussion

Legalweek 2022, March 2022 | Martin T. Tully

Martin Tully Participates in ACEDS Panel Discussion “Discovery Scoping and Proportionality Analysis Just Got Easier”

Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists, February 2022 | Martin T. Tully

Webcasts & Podcasts : view all

Erica Zolner Hosts the NAWLTalks Podcast

NAWLTalks Podcast, October 2022 | Erica B. Zolner

This Side of Litigation Technology: What Should In-House Counsel be Considering in 2021?

Association of Corporate Counsel South Florida’s 11th Annual CLE Conference, April 2021 | Staci D. Kaliner

The Importance of eDiscovery in Restructuring and Bankruptcy Litigation: Three Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Webinar, October 2020 | 
eDiscovery is not always in play during restructuring and bankruptcy litigation, but when it is necessary, it is a bear. Bankruptcy courts and practitioners are bracing for a spike in filings, some of which will require litigation and challenging discovery.

The COVID-19 Bankruptcy Boom: Preparing for Restructuring Discovery

Webinar, August 2020 | 
With the staggering economic effects of COVID-19, U.S. bankruptcy courts are gearing up for a wave of filings that will test the limits of the judicial system. Law firm restructuring practices have already begun expanding, and third-party services providers are forming special teams to meet the nuanced needs of bankruptcy discovery.

ACEDS Webinar: Returning to Business as Usual – What It Means for IG and Your E-Discovery Obligations

ACEDS Wisconsin Chapter Webinar, August 2020 | Diana M. Fasching
As the nation continues to struggle with our new COVID-19 realities, it is evident that what will come next is hugely uncertain. “Normal” will likely look very different for the majority of the population, and this includes companies that are navigating if, when and how to address reopening offices and handle employees who are continuing to work remotely. Not only did these businesses have to quickly adapt to a remote workforce, now there are multiple considerations for them to keep in mind.

Webinar – Office 365 – Powerful Capabilities but Also New Risks

Webinar, February 2020 | Staci D. Kaliner
IT departments are increasingly adopting Office 365 for its capabilities and efficiencies in a number of applications, but moving to O365 has legal-related implications about which the legal department — which is often involved late in the process, if at all — may be unaware.

Webinar – Ephemeral Messaging – Navigating Risk Amid Increasing Adoption

Webinar, January 2020 | Diana M. Fasching | Gareth T. Evans
Once viewed with suspicion, ephemeral messaging is now increasingly viewed as a legitimate and even necessary tool for business communications. But that doesn’t mean that the legal and compliance risks in its use have gone away. This webinar discusses how courts and law enforcement have approached ephemeral messaging, and how companies can navigate its legal and compliance risks.

Webinar – Legal Holds 2.0 – Modernizing Your Legal Holds

Webinar, December 2019 | Gareth T. Evans
Traditional approaches to legal holds may be poorly aligned to the risk profiles of particular litigation and governmental investigation matters. This webinar discusses how methodologies such as tiering of custodians and using new technologies can be leveraged to preserve discoverable information more effectively in a manner that is proportional to the needs of the case.

Webinar – Getting Ahead of the CCPA: How to Unravel and Master the Complexities

Webinar, November 2019 | David C. Shonka
The effective date (Jan. 1, 2020) of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) is only a couple of months away. The California Attorney General has just issued long-awaited proposed regulations to guide companies in implementing the Act. Join David Shonka, Karin Jenson, and Ambre McLaughlin as they discuss the latest developments and what they mean for companies’ compliance programs.

Webinar – Changing Platforms and Migrating Data: Important Considerations for Defensibility

Webinar, October 2019 | Diana M. Fasching | Timothy H. Hood
Diana Fasching, Timothy Hood and Dan Nichols discuss how to identify and mitigate the risks to good data governance that are inherent in any data migration, including potential impacts on existing legal preservation obligations. The speakers specifically address best practices for defensibility and documentation.

Webinar - The eDiscovery Playbook: Modernizing Your Litigation Response Plan

Webinar, September 2019 | Staci D. Kaliner
Kevin Brady, Lisa Lukaszewski and Staci Kaliner present this webinar on how companies can modernize their litigation response plans and the role of the eDiscovery Playbook. Learn more about formalizing eDiscovery processes such as preservation, collection, search, review, and privilege logging.

Webinar - Defensible Disposition - You Can Do It ... And It's Worth It!

Webinar, March 2019 | Christopher Q. King | Diana M. Fasching
Karin S. Jenson, Christopher Q. King and Diana Fasching team up for this informational session to advise attendees about programs that can be implemented to serve as an alternative to ongoing storage of legacy data records, which could potentially lead to millions of dollars of cost for document collection, review, and production, when (not if) the data ever becomes part of discovery in litigation.

Executive Leaders DC

Executive Leaders Radio, July 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Jonathan Redgrave, Managing Partner at Redgrave LLP first appeared on Executive Leaders Radio on July 24, 2014. Executive Leaders Radio is dedicated to honoring individuals who have risen to leadership roles through hard work and dedication. This highly popular radio program shares the stories and wisdom of leaders like Jonathan Redgrave with a diverse listener audience with the goal of helping others achieve the level of success that Jonathan Redgrave has.

Webinar - New Proposed Federal Discovery Rules: What They Say & What Is Next

Webinar, June 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Also by Thomas Allman

The Reality Of Social Media And eDiscovery Legal Issues

Redgrave LLP, January 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Blog Talk Radio, Franchise Today

Why Deploying Technology is a “Must” and Defensible Move for Companies Dealing with Expanding Volumes of Information in Litigation

The Buzz, April 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Victoria A. Redgrave
Also by Mark Cordover & Jason R. Baron

A Practical, Innovative And Experienced Approach To Legacy Data Remediation; Real-World Examples Of Paper And Electronic Projects

Association of Litigation Support Professionals, March 2011 | Diana M. Fasching
Also Presented by Andy Cosgrove & Moderated by Victoria Edelman

Legacy Data Remediation: What do you want your legacy to be?

The Buzz, January 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Victoria A. Redgrave
Also by Karl Schieneman

Social Media Creates Business Opportunities, Messes And Work For Lawyers

ESI Bytes, August 2010 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Also by Karl Schieneman