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Eliza Davis Speaks on IAPP Women in Privacy Panel

IAPP KnowledgeNet, September 2023 | Eliza T. Davis

Eliza Davis, David Shonka, and Martin Tully Speak at the 2023 MER Conference

MER Conference 2023, May 2023 | David C. Shonka | Eliza T. Davis | Martin T. Tully

Eliza Davis Speaks at The Master’s Conference Chicago

The Master's Conference, April 2023 | Eliza T. Davis

Eliza Davis and Josh Hummel Discuss "Best Practices for Slack/Teams from IG Through Litigation"

Joint Redgrave LLP & Hanzo Webinar, February 2023 | Eliza T. Davis | Joshua M. Hummel

Eliza Davis Speaks at the Law Firm General Counsel Roundtable

Law Firm General Counsel Rountable, October 2022 | Eliza T. Davis

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It’s 10 P.M.: Do You Really Know How Well Your Service Provider Has Secured Your Data?

The Legal Intelligencer, July 2023 | Eliza T. Davis | Martin T. Tully

Next Up: Iowa Set to Become the Sixth State to Pass Comprehensive Privacy Law

Redgrave Client Alert, March 2023 | Eliza T. Davis

Consumer Privacy Laws Taking Effect in 2023

Redgrave Client Alert, January 2023 | Eliza T. Davis | Martin T. Tully | Stacy L. Forsythe

White House Adds its Voice to Growing Consensus on AI Ethical Requirements

Redgrave Client Alert, October 2022 | Eliza T. Davis | Martin T. Tully

Sephora’s Past Privacy Practices Precipitate $1.2 Million Payment

Redgrave Client Alert, October 2022 | Eliza T. Davis

Regulators Mean Business for Mobile Devices and Chat Applications: Good Information Governance is Not a Luxury

Redgrave Client Alert, July 2022 | Britney A. Lewis | Eliza T. Davis | Jordan C. Blumenthal

What You Need to Know About Utah’s Privacy Bill

Redgrave Client Alert, March 2022 | Eliza T. Davis

Will Florida Be the Next State to Enact a Comprehensive Privacy Law?

Redgrave Client Alert, February 2022 | Eliza T. Davis

The New Standard Contractual Clauses Are Here: What You Need To Know

Redgrave Client Alert, July 2021 | David C. Shonka | Eliza T. Davis | Matt L. Rotert