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Erica Zolner Discusses Data Minimization at TechGC Chicago Fireside Dinner

TechGC Chicago Fireside Dinner, November 2023 | Erica B. Zolner

Erica Zolner Presents at the DRI Annual Conference Showcase Theater

DRI Annual Conference, October 2023 | Erica B. Zolner

Erica Zolner and Josh Thomas Discuss Hidden Data Pitfalls at the Association for Legal Administrators 2022 Virtual Conference

Association of Legal Administrators, November 2022 | Erica B. Zolner | Josh Thomas

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Erica Zolner Hosts the NAWLTalks Podcast

NAWLTalks Podcast, October 2022 | Erica B. Zolner

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Litigation, Technology, and Ethics: The Importance of Technological Competence

Thompson Reuters Practical Law, January 2022 | Benjamin M. Redgrave | Erica B. Zolner