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Drafting a Document Retention Policy, April 2019 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Lisa A. Lukaszewski | Victoria A. Redgrave

Drafting a Document Retention Policy

Westchester Lawyer, December 2017 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts: 4th Edition 2016

THE FEDERAL COURTS LAW REVIEW, VOL.9, ISSUE 2, October 2015 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Hon. Elizabeth D. Laporte


The Computer & Internet Lawyer, March 2015 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Keeping the Genie Contained: Eight Tips to Avoid Spoliation in Electronic Discovery

Bench & Bar of Minnesota, October 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Keeping the Genie Contained. Tips to Avoid Spoliation in Electronic Discovery

PRACTICAL LAW THE JOURNAL E-DISCOVERY BULLETIN, July 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Victoria A. Redgrave

Litigation, Technology & Ethics: Changing Expectations

An article exploring recent guidance and emerging best practices regarding counsel's growing obligation to be technologically proficient.  Article
Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, March 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Mathea K.E. Bulander

Understanding and Contextualizing Precedents in e-Discovery: The Illusion of Stare Decisis and Best Practices to Avoid Reliance on Outdated Guidance


Learning to Cooperate

As recent developments in case law and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have shown, counsel can better serve their clients by adopting a cooperative and engaged approach to the discovery process. Counsel must learn how to be masters of dialogue and not just debate.  Article
Memorandum: Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, June 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Part 1 - Report of the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules

By Honorable David G. Campbell, Chair  Article

Part 2 - Report of the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules

By Honorable David G. Campbell, Chair   Article
Bloomberg BNA - Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, June 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Rule Committee Adopts 'Package' of Discovery Amendments

By Thomas Allman  Article
Redgrave LLP, January 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Why Consider Hiring National Discovery Counsel In The Era Of Electronic Discovery

This publication is an information source for clients and friends of Redgrave LLP.  Article
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology Volume XVIII, Issue 4, June 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Using Contract Terms To Get Ahead Of Prospective eDiscovery Costs And Burdens In Commercial Litigation

Also by Jay Brudz  Article
The Buzz, March 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Zubulake Framework Adopted In GreenPoint Case

The Buzz, February 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

A Summary Of Social Media Case Alerts

Law 360, November 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Facebook Changes Open Up New World Of Discovery (Quote By Jonathan Redgrave)

By Greg Ryan  Article
ACC Docket, November 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Managing The Emerging Business And Legal Realities Of Social Media In Corporate America

Also by Vincent Catanzaro  Article
The Wall Street Journal, August 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Objection! Lawsuit Slams Temp Lawyers (Quote by Jonathan Redgrave)

By Vanessa O'Connell  Article
Legal Hold Pro, February 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Pension Committee Revisited: One Year Later - A Retrospective On The Impact Of Judge Scheindlin's Influential Opinion

Edited by Brad Harris & Ronald Hedges  Article
Bloomberg Law Reports, September 2010 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Seeing In The Clouds: Understanding Why You Need To Know Where Your Data Lives

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Executive Leaders Radio, July 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Executive Leaders DC

Jonathan Redgrave, Managing Partner at Redgrave LLP first appeared on Executive Leaders Radio on July 24, 2014. Executive Leaders Radio is dedicated to honoring individuals who have risen to leadership roles through hard work and dedication. This highly popular radio program shares the stories and wisdom of leaders like Jonathan Redgrave with a diverse listener audience with the goal of helping others achieve the level of success that Jonathan Redgrave has.  Play
Webinar, June 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Webinar - New Proposed Federal Discovery Rules: What They Say & What Is Next

Also by Thomas Allman  Play
Redgrave LLP, January 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

The Reality Of Social Media And eDiscovery Legal Issues

Blog Talk Radio, Franchise Today  Play
The Buzz, April 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Victoria A. Redgrave

Why Deploying Technology is a “Must” and Defensible Move for Companies Dealing with Expanding Volumes of Information in Litigation

Also by Mark Cordover & Jason R. Baron  Play
The Buzz, January 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Victoria A. Redgrave

Legacy Data Remediation: What do you want your legacy to be?

Also by Karl Schieneman  Play
ESI Bytes, August 2010 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Social Media Creates Business Opportunities, Messes And Work For Lawyers

Also by Karl Schieneman  Play