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Upcoming Webinars, September 2019 | Dan J. Nichols | Diana M. Fasching | Kevin F. Brady | Lisa A. Lukaszewski | Staci D. Kaliner | Timothy H. Hood

Upcoming Webinars

Redgrave Webinar Series, September 2019 | Dan J. Nichols | Diana M. Fasching | Timothy H. Hood

Changing Platforms and Migrating Data: Important Considerations for Defensibility

Webinar, March 2019 | Christopher Q. King | Diana M. Fasching | Karin S. Jenson

Webinar - Defensible Disposition - You Can Do It ... And It's Worth It!

Karin S. Jenson, Christopher Q. King and Diana Fasching team up for this informational session to advise attendees about programs that can be implemented to serve as an alternative to ongoing storage of legacy data records, which could potentially lead to millions of dollars of cost for document collection, review, and production, when (not if) the data ever becomes part of discovery in litigation.  Play
Association of Litigation Support Professionals, March 2011 | Diana M. Fasching

A Practical, Innovative And Experienced Approach To Legacy Data Remediation; Real-World Examples Of Paper And Electronic Projects

Also Presented by Andy Cosgrove & Moderated by Victoria Edelman  Play

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ABA Information Law Journal, May 2016 | Dan J. Nichols | Diana M. Fasching


PRACTICAL LAW THE JOURNAL E-DISCOVERY BULLETIN, April 2015 | Diana M. Fasching | Monica McCarroll

Act Now or Pay Later: The Case for Defensible Disposition of Data

DRI: E-Discovery Connection, May 2014 | Diana M. Fasching | Staci D. Kaliner

Using Corporate Know—How To Unfreeze Legacy Data

The Buzz, April 2013 | Diana M. Fasching

Your Social Media Can Now Go Away When You Do

LJN’s LegalTech Newsletter, Volume 29, Number 3, July 2012 | Diana M. Fasching | Staci D. Kaliner | Tamara L. Karel

Social Media Data Preservation

The Buzz, February 2012 | Diana M. Fasching

Enjoy The Cloud And Mitigate The Risks

also by Ken Prine  Article