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Webinar – Office 365 – Powerful Capabilities but Also New Risks

Webinar, February 2020 | Lisa A. Lukaszewski | Mathea K.E. Bulander | Staci D. Kaliner
IT departments are increasingly adopting Office 365 for its capabilities and efficiencies in a number of applications, but moving to O365 has legal-related implications about which the legal department — which is often involved late in the process, if at all — may be unaware.

Webinar - The eDiscovery Playbook: Modernizing Your Litigation Response Plan

Webinar, September 2019 | Lisa A. Lukaszewski | Staci D. Kaliner
Kevin Brady, Lisa Lukaszewski and Staci Kaliner present this webinar on how companies can modernize their litigation response plans and the role of the eDiscovery Playbook. Learn more about formalizing eDiscovery processes such as preservation, collection, search, review, and privilege logging.

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Using Corporate Know—How To Unfreeze Legacy Data

DRI: E-Discovery Connection, May 2014 | Diana M. Fasching | Staci D. Kaliner

Social Media Data Preservation

LJN’s LegalTech Newsletter, Volume 29, Number 3, July 2012 | Diana M. Fasching | Staci D. Kaliner