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Drafting a Document Retention Policy

Drafting a Document Retention Policy, April 2019 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Lisa A. Lukaszewski | Victoria A. Redgrave

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts: 4th Edition 2016

Westchester Lawyer, December 2017 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Unfinished Business: A Wish List For New FRCP Amendments

Legaltech News (ALM), December 2017 | Gareth T. Evans

Wrapping Up 2016: Major Trends New Rules and Emerging Caselaw

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, January 2017 | Gareth T. Evans

Making the Business Case for Defensible Disposition

ABA Information Law Journal, May 2016 | Diana M. Fasching


Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, May 2016 | 

How to Use Analytics and Predictive Coding as Securities Litigators

American Bar Association/Securities Litigation, January 2016 | Gareth T. Evans

The Growing and Valuable role of eDiscovery Special Masters in Civil Litigation

Bloomerg BNA - Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, August 2015 | 

eDiscovery Vendor Developments: A Tale of Two Cities

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, August 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

The Coming Storm: Companies Must Be Prepared to Deal with Text Messages on Mobile Devices

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, June 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

Keeping the Genie Contained: Eight Tips to Avoid Spoliation in Electronic Discovery

The Computer & Internet Lawyer, March 2015 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Technological Incompetence Doesn't Excuse Discovery Failures

Delaware Business Court Insider (ALM), March 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

Understanding and Contextualizing Precedents in e-Discovery: The Illusion of Stare Decisis and Best Practices to Avoid Reliance on Outdated Guidance

Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, March 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Mathea K.E. Bulander

Technology: To image, or not to image, that is the question

InsideCounsel, January 2014 | Gareth T. Evans

Technology: Self-collection is not always the fox guarding the henhouse

InsideCounsel, December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Technology: Auto-delete and the not-so-safe harbor

InsideCounsel, December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Perils of E-Discovery Reflected in Sanctions Opinion

Law Technology News (ALM), December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Chancery Provides Framework for ESI Discovery, Preservation

Delaware Business Court Insider (ALM), December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Learning to Cooperate

As recent developments in case law and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have shown, counsel can better serve their clients by adopting a cooperative and engaged approach to the discovery process. Counsel must learn how to be masters of dialogue and not just debate.  Article

Technology: Embracing the use of mobile devices in e-discovery

InsideCounsel, November 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Using Contract Terms To Get Ahead Of Prospective eDiscovery Costs And Burdens In Commercial Litigation

Richmond Journal of Law & Technology Volume XVIII, Issue 4, June 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Also by Jay Brudz  Article

James Sherer Featured In Legaco Express Interview Series

The Buzz, April 2012 | 
by Legaco Express  Article

Zubulake Framework Adopted In GreenPoint Case

The Buzz, March 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Judge Affirms Pippins v. KPMG Preservation Scope, Encourages Transparency

The Buzz, February 2012 | Victoria A. Redgrave
by Shea McKenna  Article

Litigation Management: Global Discovery — What U.S. Companies Need To Know

Bloomberg Law Reports, December 2011 | 
Also by Kenneth Prine  Article

Pension Committee Revisited: One Year Later - A Retrospective On The Impact Of Judge Scheindlin's Influential Opinion

Legal Hold Pro, February 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Edited by Brad Harris & Ronald Hedges  Article

Big And Small Lessons Learned From Victor Stanley II

The Buzz, December 2010 | Karen O. Hourigan

E-Discovery Principles Revisited

Los Angeles Daily Journal, January 2010 | Gareth T. Evans

Court Holds U.S. Discovery Rules Trump French Law and Hague Convention

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, December 2009 | Gareth T. Evans

Federal Rule of Evidence 502: Getting to Know an Important E-Discovery Tool

Orange County Lawyer, November 2009 | Gareth T. Evans