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Drafting a Document Retention Policy

Drafting a Document Retention Policy, April 2019 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Lisa A. Lukaszewski

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts: 4th Edition 2016

Westchester Lawyer, December 2017 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Unfinished Business: A Wish List For New FRCP Amendments

Legaltech News (ALM), December 2017 | Gareth T. Evans

Wrapping Up 2016: Major Trends New Rules and Emerging Caselaw

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, January 2017 | Gareth T. Evans


Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, May 2016 | 

Making the Business Case for Defensible Disposition

ABA Information Law Journal, May 2016 | Diana M. Fasching

How to Use Analytics and Predictive Coding as Securities Litigators

American Bar Association/Securities Litigation, January 2016 | Gareth T. Evans

The Growing and Valuable role of eDiscovery Special Masters in Civil Litigation

Bloomerg BNA - Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, August 2015 | 

eDiscovery Vendor Developments: A Tale of Two Cities

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, August 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

The Coming Storm: Companies Must Be Prepared to Deal with Text Messages on Mobile Devices

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, June 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

Keeping the Genie Contained: Eight Tips to Avoid Spoliation in Electronic Discovery

The Computer & Internet Lawyer, March 2015 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Technological Incompetence Doesn't Excuse Discovery Failures

Delaware Business Court Insider (ALM), March 2015 | Gareth T. Evans

Understanding and Contextualizing Precedents in e-Discovery: The Illusion of Stare Decisis and Best Practices to Avoid Reliance on Outdated Guidance

Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, March 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave | Mathea K.E. Bulander

Technology: To image, or not to image, that is the question

InsideCounsel, January 2014 | Gareth T. Evans

Technology: Self-collection is not always the fox guarding the henhouse

InsideCounsel, December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Technology: Auto-delete and the not-so-safe harbor

InsideCounsel, December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Perils of E-Discovery Reflected in Sanctions Opinion

Law Technology News (ALM), December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Chancery Provides Framework for ESI Discovery, Preservation

Delaware Business Court Insider (ALM), December 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Technology: Embracing the use of mobile devices in e-discovery

InsideCounsel, November 2013 | Gareth T. Evans

Learning to Cooperate

As recent developments in case law and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have shown, counsel can better serve their clients by adopting a cooperative and engaged approach to the discovery process. Counsel must learn how to be masters of dialogue and not just debate.  Article

Using Contract Terms To Get Ahead Of Prospective eDiscovery Costs And Burdens In Commercial Litigation

Richmond Journal of Law & Technology Volume XVIII, Issue 4, June 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Also by Jay Brudz  Article

James Sherer Featured In Legaco Express Interview Series

The Buzz, April 2012 | 
by Legaco Express  Article

Zubulake Framework Adopted In GreenPoint Case

The Buzz, March 2012 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

Litigation Management: Global Discovery — What U.S. Companies Need To Know

Bloomberg Law Reports, December 2011 | 
Also by Kenneth Prine  Article

Pension Committee Revisited: One Year Later - A Retrospective On The Impact Of Judge Scheindlin's Influential Opinion

Legal Hold Pro, February 2011 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Edited by Brad Harris & Ronald Hedges  Article

E-Discovery Principles Revisited

Los Angeles Daily Journal, January 2010 | Gareth T. Evans

Court Holds U.S. Discovery Rules Trump French Law and Hague Convention

Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidencer, December 2009 | Gareth T. Evans

Federal Rule of Evidence 502: Getting to Know an Important E-Discovery Tool

Orange County Lawyer, November 2009 | Gareth T. Evans