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Gareth Evans Discusses The Sedona Conference TAR Case Law Primer, Second Edition

The Sedona Conference, March 2023 | Gareth T. Evans

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This Side of Litigation Technology: What Should In-House Counsel be Considering in 2021?

Association of Corporate Counsel South Florida’s 11th Annual CLE Conference, April 2021 | Staci D. Kaliner

The Importance of eDiscovery in Restructuring and Bankruptcy Litigation: Three Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Webinar, October 2020 | 
eDiscovery is not always in play during restructuring and bankruptcy litigation, but when it is necessary, it is a bear. Bankruptcy courts and practitioners are bracing for a spike in filings, some of which will require litigation and challenging discovery.

The COVID-19 Bankruptcy Boom: Preparing for Restructuring Discovery

Webinar, August 2020 | 
With the staggering economic effects of COVID-19, U.S. bankruptcy courts are gearing up for a wave of filings that will test the limits of the judicial system. Law firm restructuring practices have already begun expanding, and third-party services providers are forming special teams to meet the nuanced needs of bankruptcy discovery.

ACEDS Webinar: Returning to Business as Usual – What It Means for IG and Your E-Discovery Obligations

ACEDS Wisconsin Chapter Webinar, August 2020 | Diana M. Fasching
As the nation continues to struggle with our new COVID-19 realities, it is evident that what will come next is hugely uncertain. “Normal” will likely look very different for the majority of the population, and this includes companies that are navigating if, when and how to address reopening offices and handle employees who are continuing to work remotely. Not only did these businesses have to quickly adapt to a remote workforce, now there are multiple considerations for them to keep in mind.

Webinar – Office 365 – Powerful Capabilities but Also New Risks

Webinar, February 2020 | Staci D. Kaliner
IT departments are increasingly adopting Office 365 for its capabilities and efficiencies in a number of applications, but moving to O365 has legal-related implications about which the legal department — which is often involved late in the process, if at all — may be unaware.

Webinar – Ephemeral Messaging – Navigating Risk Amid Increasing Adoption

Webinar, January 2020 | Diana M. Fasching | Gareth T. Evans
Once viewed with suspicion, ephemeral messaging is now increasingly viewed as a legitimate and even necessary tool for business communications. But that doesn’t mean that the legal and compliance risks in its use have gone away. This webinar discusses how courts and law enforcement have approached ephemeral messaging, and how companies can navigate its legal and compliance risks.

Webinar – Legal Holds 2.0 – Modernizing Your Legal Holds

Webinar, December 2019 | Gareth T. Evans
Traditional approaches to legal holds may be poorly aligned to the risk profiles of particular litigation and governmental investigation matters. This webinar discusses how methodologies such as tiering of custodians and using new technologies can be leveraged to preserve discoverable information more effectively in a manner that is proportional to the needs of the case.

Webinar – Getting Ahead of the CCPA: How to Unravel and Master the Complexities

Webinar, November 2019 | David C. Shonka
The effective date (Jan. 1, 2020) of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) is only a couple of months away. The California Attorney General has just issued long-awaited proposed regulations to guide companies in implementing the Act. Join David Shonka, Karin Jenson, and Ambre McLaughlin as they discuss the latest developments and what they mean for companies’ compliance programs.

Webinar – Changing Platforms and Migrating Data: Important Considerations for Defensibility

Webinar, October 2019 | Diana M. Fasching | Timothy H. Hood
Diana Fasching, Timothy Hood and Dan Nichols discuss how to identify and mitigate the risks to good data governance that are inherent in any data migration, including potential impacts on existing legal preservation obligations. The speakers specifically address best practices for defensibility and documentation.

Webinar - The eDiscovery Playbook: Modernizing Your Litigation Response Plan

Webinar, September 2019 | Staci D. Kaliner
Kevin Brady, Lisa Lukaszewski and Staci Kaliner present this webinar on how companies can modernize their litigation response plans and the role of the eDiscovery Playbook. Learn more about formalizing eDiscovery processes such as preservation, collection, search, review, and privilege logging.

Webinar - Defensible Disposition - You Can Do It ... And It's Worth It!

Webinar, March 2019 | Christopher Q. King | Diana M. Fasching
Karin S. Jenson, Christopher Q. King and Diana Fasching team up for this informational session to advise attendees about programs that can be implemented to serve as an alternative to ongoing storage of legacy data records, which could potentially lead to millions of dollars of cost for document collection, review, and production, when (not if) the data ever becomes part of discovery in litigation.

Executive Leaders DC

Executive Leaders Radio, July 2014 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
Jonathan Redgrave, Managing Partner at Redgrave LLP first appeared on Executive Leaders Radio on July 24, 2014. Executive Leaders Radio is dedicated to honoring individuals who have risen to leadership roles through hard work and dedication. This highly popular radio program shares the stories and wisdom of leaders like Jonathan Redgrave with a diverse listener audience with the goal of helping others achieve the level of success that Jonathan Redgrave has.

Webinar - New Proposed Federal Discovery Rules: What They Say & What Is Next

Webinar, June 2013 | Jonathan M. Redgrave
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