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Confidentiality Designation Disputes: Valsartan and the Increasing Scrutiny of the Courts

Redgrave Client Alert, March 2021 | Margaret Y. Cass | Mathea K.E. Bulander

2020 Amendment to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(6) Echoes the Aspirations of the 2015 Amendments

Redgrave Client Alert, January 2021 | Mathea K.E. Bulander | Monica McCarroll

Avoiding 6 Common E-Discovery Production Pitfalls

Law360, November 2020 | Sarah E. Mahoney

Driving The Future of Digitized Law Through eDiscovery and Information Governance

California Business Journal, September 2020 | Jonathan M. Redgrave

The Keys To A Better Privilege Logging Paradigm

Law360, September 2020 | Charles R. Ragan | Ted S. Hiser

Cybersecurity and Due Diligence: Avoiding Liability for Someone Else’s Mistakes

The Legal Intelligencer, July 2020 | David C. Shonka | Matt L. Rotert

Returning to a New ‘Business as Usual’: What it Means for Your IG and E-Discovery Obligations

Legaltech News, June 2020 | Diana M. Fasching | Leslie A. Melo

Making Remote Work, Work

Legal Management - The Magazine of ALA, June 2020 | Victoria A. Redgrave

Restructuring Planning: Information Governance - Top Ten List

Redgrave Client Alert, May 2020 | Charles R. Ragan | Christopher Q. King

6th Circuit Opioid Opinion On Federal Rules Helps Companies In MDLs

Law360, May 2020 | Gareth T. Evans | Nick B. Snavely

Privacy Issues in Restructuring

Redgrave Client Alert, May 2020 | David C. Shonka | Matt L. Rotert

The Ballad of the Sad Non-Party: Practical Guidance for True Non-Parties Handling Documents Subpoenas

Redgrave Client Alert, May 2020 | Charles R. Ragan | Nick B. Snavely

Privilege Issues in Restructuring

Redgrave Client Alert, April 2020 | Nick B. Snavely


Redgrave Client Alert, March 2020 | Diana M. Fasching

Emoji: Their Role in Discovery and Trial

The Federal Lawyer, December 2019 | France M. Jaffe | Sarah E. Mahoney

A Line in the Clouds: Whose Cybersecurity Goes Where?

New York Law Journal, June 2019 | 

Admissibility of Electronic Evidence Chart

Admissibility of Electronic Evidence Chart, April 2018 | 

Technology in the Practice of Law

The Bencher, April 2018 |