Laurie Carpenter, Director, and Martin Tully, Partner, will speak at InfoNEXT 2024.  The summit, which is tailored for information governance professionals, visionary leaders, and solution providers, will be hosted by MER and ARMA and will be held April 8-10, 2024.

On April 8, Laurie and Martin will present in a session titled “Delete Now or Pay Later: The Compelling Case for Defensible Disposition.”  The session will highlight the exponential growth of data volume and address the risks associated with over-retention. The speakers will discuss implementing policies and plans that balance those risks against the value of retaining information.

On April 9, Laurie and Martin will participate in the panel discussion titled “Yes, You May Be Your Service Provider’s Keeper: Vendor Audit and Oversight Obligations under U.S. Data Privacy Rules.”  They will discuss the new regulations companies must abide by and answer important information governance questions about how a company should track and document these monitoring and audit functions.

More information about the sessions can be found here.