October 2017

Diana Fasching and Lisa Lukaszewski will speak on a panel “Keep or Delete? Managing Information During Significant Changes” with Lynda Carlson, 3M and Keith Angle, UBS at the ARMA Live! Conference 2017, Retention and Disposition Education Track in Orlando, Florida.  For more information, click here.  (EVENT | October 15, 2017) 

August 2017

Lisa Lukaszewski will be a panelist on the Association of Corporate Counsel’s webcast entitled “Defensible Disposition: From ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ to ‘Let It Go’” with Keith Angle, Group Head of Information Governance and Executive Director, of Legal UBS AG. For more information, click here.  (EVENT | August 17, 2017) 

November 2016

Mathea Bulander will participate in the Minnesota CLE webcast entitled “Taking the Cloud Out of the Cloud: 15 FAQs & Their Answers” together with Jon L. Farnsworth, Attorney at Felhaber Larson Law Firm.  For more information click here.  (EVENT | November 2016) 

June 2017

Mathea Bulander is a panelist speaking on the subjects of “Preservation & Sanctions” and “Culling and Reviewing Tools-Latest Developments” at Today’s General Counsel, The Exchange: eDiscovery for the Corporate Market at the Conference Center, Chicago, IL (EVENT | June 6-7, 2017)
Washington, DC  - June 19, 2017:  On May 26, 2017, the Texas Supreme Court issued an extensive opinion addressing the proper interpretation of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure governing discovery of electronically stored information (“ESI”) and illuminating the central role of proportionality in discovery.  Redgrave LLP attorneys Jonathan Redgrave, Mathea Bulander, and Ambre McLaughlin were...
Dan Nichols will be a panelist on the topic “Authentication of Evidence 2.0” at Legalweek West Coast in San Francisco, California.  For more information, follow this link. (EVENT | June 12, 2017)

February 2017

Mathea Bulander will participate in the National Business Institute webcast entitled “E-Discovery for Non-Techy Attorneys” together with Daniel B. Garrie, Executive Managing Partner of Law & Forensics, and Jodi M. Schebel, Partner at Bowman and Brooke LLP.  For more information click here. (EVENT | February 2017)

November 2017

Jonathan M. Redgrave will speak in a plenary session together with Adriana Tadler, a Partner at Milberg LLP, during the Georgetown Law CLE Fourteenth Annual Advanced eDiscovery Institute in Washington, DC.  For more information click here.   (EVENT | November 16-17, 2017)

September 2017

Jonathan Redgrave will be a panelist presenting on “Developing TAR Best Practice Protocols” for the Duke Law Center for Judicial Studies.  This conference, which is invitation-only, will discuss several topics for developing best practices governing the use of technology-assisted review (TAR) in eDiscovery on September 7-8, 2017.  Washington, DC (EVENT | September 7-8, 2017)

May 2017

Washington, DC - May 16, 2017:  Redgrave LLP, the premier law firm focused on Information Law, announced the addition of Scott J. Borrowman, Senior Attorney in San Francisco, California; Ted Hiser Senior Counsel and Tamara L. Karel, Counsel in Cleveland, Ohio; and Margo Eckstein, Senior Advisor in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Redgrave also recently announced the addition of former United States...